So, it’s the first month of a new year. Things to do? Plans to make? Places to visit? The answer to those questions should be yes, yes & yes! Also, What?, What? & Where? The world is our oyster and is what we make it so make the most & enjoy!


Canal trip.

I jumped at the chance when friends invited me for a trip along the Kennet & Avon canal in their boat at the weekend. We started on the river Avon in Bath then to get on the K&A involved going through some locks, one being rather deep…
   With a bit of careful guidance we managed it with ease then continued on our way. We were in no hurry as that is what canal journeys are all about, relaxing, watching and sometimes meeting people on route. Once out of the locks we were approached by a man who spent his spare time spotting boats on the canal, he was pleased to be able to tick another one off the list and we were pleased, not only to talk to him but to realise the boat we were on was in the publication, his guide.  There are some great sights along the canal where most tourists who visit the city of Bath don’t get to see. 

  I highly recommend a canal journey, be it by boat along the canal or by foot or cycle along the towpath. No rush, just relaxing. Enjoy! 


The weekend.

It’s the weekend! What to do at the weekend? Nobody ever does nothing, they think they do sometimes but nobody actually does, everyone does something. What do you do? What do you want to do? Big difference? No difference?